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Invitation to an OG Yukon River party. Artwork done by Ron West

Art and Leif

Co-founders Arthur and Leif Abel in front of the Greatland Ganja Cultivation Facility.


Angie filling joint tubes. (Taking a break from talking smack.)

Art and Nikiski Strain

Art taking a look at the new Nikiski Strain, in our Production Room.

Mel and Brian

Melanie and Brian enjoying a coffee break.

Soul Rockers

The Greatland Family trying to entice Michael Franti into stopping by the facility on his way to Salmonfest 2018.

Gnome Dome1

Gnome Dome 1, August 2017.

Amanda and Olympia

Amanda and Olympia, expert packagers.

Brian H.

Brian H. pressure washing Hydrokorrel. (Hydrokorrel are expanded clay pellets that we use as a portion of the soilless median for our Hydro-Grown cannabis.)

About Us

Greatland Ganja harvested the first recreational cannabis crop in Alaska and holds the second Marijuana Establishment License to be issued by the State. Our product is found at retail locations state-wide. We are committed to compliance, ethical industry practices, security, and above all, safety. The founders of Greatland Ganja are working through organizations such as Alaska Marijuana Industry Association to help shape fair, legitimate, safe, and ethical licensing and operating rules. 


Our Philosophy

Quality, and a full service to retailers, and thereby the end consumer, are cornerstones of our business philosophy. We offer shipments of fully compliant, tested, quality controlled, packaged, labeled, GG farm branded, and hand-delivered cannabis in a variety of product lines and strains. When we show up to a retail we do everything from offer consultation on showroom design to actual bud tender training! We do not leave until the retail is ready. Retailers and consumers alike have come to appreciate our thorough approach.

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