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Greatland Ganja Videos

Over the years, we have put together many different videos that capture what it is like at the Greatland Ganja Farm. Here are some from YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. There is way more content out there to discover follow us!.......

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GG at Permafrost

Our first YouTube video, on scene at Permafrost Distributers, with our friend Chase Griffith

RIMOL Greenhouse Progress

Our still un-named greenhouse was under construction for some time. This was a video put together shortly after we got the plastic pulled over. Our beloved Bio-Dome is now a year long grow space:)


With the upcoming drop of our Boom Blunts we had a whole week dedicated to crafting enough blunts to accommodate the orders. We called it Blunt Week 

Welcome to Greatland Ganja

Meet a few of the folks who have made this crew so awesome, and take a quick look at what it is like behind the green fence!

Boom Blunt!

What is a Boom Blunt?

Greatland Ganja Pre-Rolls

Our Pre-rolls are crafted only from the finest flower, and made into a joint that is repeatedly the choice selection on the market. 

Return of the BOOM

Another fun video we made about our Boom Blunts!

Plant Hunting with Mika

Go with Mika on a hunt for the last plant in Gnome Dome 4

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Harvesting Plant 10,000

The chopping of a monumental plant on a monumental day...

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Ganjagar in SPACE......

We were sending objects into space way before the billionaires

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We are always in a hurry when it comes to harvest time.

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Happy Holidays 2021

Just another Ganja Winter

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Rolling Joints with the crew

See some of the flower used in our highest quality pre-rolls

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Making 3-packs at the office

Our variety packs are a staple in our industry and they are fun to make. 

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Ganja Planter, Sun Lover

Check out what it looks like under the Kasilof Sun.

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Sun Grown, Rooted in Living Soil

Can you smell the Limonene terpenes thru this?

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