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Living Soil: Produced with 100% Organic Ingredients in Living Soil. Grown under the Alaskan sun in Greenhouses with soil beds, built predominantly from local material such as Organic Compost, Grandpa’s Earthworm Castings, Organic Wild Alaskan Fishing Byproducts, Kasilof Peat, and Sandy Loam from Sterling. This low carbon footprint product gives you a balanced Cannabinoid and Terpene Profile for the consumer with matured tastes.

Powered by the Sun, Rooted in the Earth.

Living Soil Mika Day.jpg

Mika Day gets down with the Living Soil of Gnome Dome II

Hydro-Grown: Grown in a sterile, automated, climate controlled, indoor environment with specialized food grade nutrients and soilless medium, this product is famous for its strength, bag appeal, cleanliness (for those with a highly compromised immune system) and consistency. California Considers this Medical Grade.

NS Hydro Grow Method (1).jpg

Nikiski Strain standing tall in our Hydro-Grown production room.

Coco-Grown: Grown with Organic Coco Coir, Grandpa’s Earthworm Castings and specialized food grade nutrients, this hybrid cultivation style is at the intersection of Quality, Care, and Resource Efficiency.

CocoCoir  GNOME DOME 1.jpg

Coco-Grown in Gnome Dome I

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