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Living the Goodlife in the Greatland

There is so much to say about that besides it is a catchy tagline. "Living the Goodlife in the Greatland" encompasses so much about what it is that we do here. Working together with each other in an industry that we love has created some strong bonds between us. Whether we cut clones or pack blunts, we all work together to produce a product that we are all proud of.

The Goodlife describes what it is we do to provide for our family. In the years I have been here I have had the privilege of working with some really great individuals. Some have come and gone, but the current crew is top notch. We have fun everyday at work while keeping our production moving. There is nothing but positivity and great work ethic everywhere. I am lucky to be a part of this wonderful team!

The Greatland describes our home. We provide cannabis to Alaskans statewide. From the far north of Fairbanks to the island of Kodiak. From Nome to Petersburg, you will find the Greatland Ganja brand. Greatland Ganja encompasses the Alaska life. From hosting campouts, to sponsoring an Iditarod musher, we are always ready to take part in our fellow Alaskans way of life. We are proud of this place we are from. We are proud of the work that we do!


Co-Owner Arthur in our wonderful Gnome Dome 4

Co-Owner Leif inspecting the crop in Gnome Dome 1

Gnome Dome 4 Cleaning Crew

Jan Guarding the totes with the guys while the office is cleaned

Mika on the tractor.

Sadey checking out Gnome Dome 4

Mary Jo trimming in the Bio-Dome

Jordan Four-Boots

Jeremy in Gnome Dome 1

Just a Dave and his Tractor

Harvest Day!

Angie, The very first GG Employee... and a sandwich

Leif & Art with our in-house designed humidor

Fall Harvest 2020

We get things done!

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