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Pineapple Express Rosin Video

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

See Full One Minute Video at the end of this post!

Pineapple Express has always freely given up her trichomes to almost any method of extraction. The press is no exception. Here we see over 20 grams of golden Rosin produced in one press. The total press time under pressure was 6 minutes. Test Results: 69.54% THC and 6.25% Terps. Pineapple Express makes a very strong concentrate with lots of fruity flavor. It can produce a lot of body rushes and some energy. Long lasting effects.

Here is a close up of the Production Batch on the parchment before removal to glass vessel for curing.

PE ROsin PB #3, 00026, Sample 106366
Download PDF • 1.08MB

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27 de set. de 2023
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It makes me want to drink it! Nice Labs!

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